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Our Work

Our journey starts at the Volc‡n region, located in the province of Chiriquí, where the best highland coffee in the country is grown. Its weather, geographical location and fertile volcanic soil, allows us to grow the best coffee in Panama. In the Duran family property you can find a spring, which provides 100% pure crystalline water for the plantation as well as for the washing and cleaning of the coffee fruit in the mill.

Between October and March, during harvest time, thousands of Gnobe Bugle natives pick the ripe cherries, red sprinkles in a sea of green. Then the coffee cherries are taken to the processing plant, where they undergo different processes (washing, depulping, pre drying, drying, hulling and grain classification) and later transported by our own trucks to the Transisthmian roasting plant in Panama City, where the coffee is selected according to size, color and shape and later roasted, grinded and packed in it's different presentations.

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Our Coffee

In addition to our leading product, Duran's Traditional Blend, we have been constantly working on a widening variety of flavors and roasts, introducing them into the specialty coffee world and let our customers enjoy the unique taste of Cafe Duran. Just a few of our flavored coffees are vanilla, toasted almonds, Irish cream and Swiss chocolate. Our Traditional Blend, French roast and Expresso are just a couple of our popular roasts. For more information, visit our online store.

Our Coffee Stores

A new concept for our country but a centennial tradition in Europe and the North American coffee-loving states, The Coffee Store by Cafe Duran is more than a place to taste coffee.

The Coffee Store is a gathering point where the Panamanian consumer and tourists can enjoy the widest variety of specialty coffees, Duran style, in a warm, relaxed and distinguished environment.

95 years

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